Refund Policy

APTITUD (hereinafter referred to as ‘the company’ or ‘Us’) follows a strict Refund Policy that has been made to ensure that you as a customer do not have any hassles.


You are normally not entitled to cancellations of Your order, once placed And attended, unless cancellation takes place at least before the scheduled session. However, in the unlikely event of the Health Service Provider being unavailable in the time slot of the session and inability to reschedule the session to a mutually convenient time, cancellation may take place.


Users shall be entitled to refunds only in the following situations:

1. Any issues with the session

2. Issues with the information provided by the Health Service Provider regarding the asked queries.

3. Issues with the Health Service Provider’s behaviour.

4. It will be concluded on the behalf of the CHAT/ CALL information which will be an electronic reference for the session information. And will be removed once the session is complete.

Refunds For Groups 

Users shall be entitled to refunds only in the following situations:

1. If a trainer is not available at the selected time slots.

2. If we are having less than 5 members in a batch then users can either take the next available batch or they can ask for a refund.

3. Once a user has booked a slot and if he/she didn't appear in that slot then the refund will be not provided.


When a User wishes to claim a refund, they shall have to provide the reason for refund within 12 hours from the starting time of the session. After the same has been approved by the Company, the User shall receive a 90% refund of the session cost and the Health Service Provider shall not receive payment for the session.

All refunds shall take place through a third-party money transfer platform directly into the bank account of the User. All refunds shall be processed within 3-4 working days from the date of approval of refund.