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Difference between free weights & machines workouts, and which should I be using?

Here we will answer your most asked query so that you can enjoy your fitness regime with the most effective technique.

Basic Difference b/w Free Weights & Machine Workout

Lifting free weights represents a true reflection of your strength. This is because they offer you no help; you simply have to pick them up and complete an exercise.

Resistance machines, on the other hand, are normally designed to facilitate your ability to lift a weight at the point where your joint needs the most assistance. These machines are the big, complex-looking metal structures you see in the gym.

They both prove a fact that lifting ability will be limited by the amount of strength at a certain angle. But the machines work to help you through the 'dead' spots of a lift, unlike free weights.

Another key difference is that resistance machines will generally isolate only the targeted muscle groups, whereas free-weights will call upon an array of stabilizers and assisting muscles to aid the lift.


In the end we will say that if you are new to training you should be using resistance machines until your body is conditioned, at which point you can safely move onto free weights.

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