Common Queries

How are we different from a other platform?

At Aptitud, We believe in ON DEMAND right at the moment live fitness class in which you place an order and you start your session ON THE SAME MOMENT.
Out experts can help you to workout even in your gym so that you can have a real-time experience with our experts.
we provide best in class fitness consultation at the ease and safety of your home in the situation of current pandemic. We believe that fitness can be achieved without any need of equipment at Home/Hostel/Hotel/PG and wherever you want.

Will my session terminate right after 30 minutes?

No, if your session time has been passed then we won’t cut your call during any active consultation and we allow an additional 5-10 min of call if the trainer allows.

Do you charge extra for a diet plan?

No, we don’t charge for any diet plan if you have taken a nutritional consultation session. 

It’s my first online PT class. what can I expect?

We are excited for you and we welcome you on a platform but as it is your first PT class we would like you to keep few things in your mind.
Before starting any workout activity or any other physical activity we should have taken light simple snack meal at least one hour before your session.Secondly, during your class inform trainer about your past medical history your injuries also explain your past/current workout experience and do not take your limits to an extreme level and end up being injured.In the last remember that if your body is having muscle Soreness then it is a very common scenario after first session and it won’t last more than two or three days a good warmup in beginning of workout and a stretching after your workout will help you to overcome this.

How to cancel a session?

Remember as aptitud is an on demand live training platform so after placing an order you will be having a small amount of time to cancel the session and the session will be only allowed to cancel if you haven’t joined the class.

What are the types of sessions and durations?

We provide two different session time slots one is for 30minutes and another is for 60minutes so that if you having any small queries regarding nutrition or anything else then instead of purchasing a bigger pack you can purchase the smaller one.

Is REFUND possible for my live workout session?

Yes we do provide REFUND, for further details please check our REFUND POLICY.