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Love Your Workout And Trainer

Get access to the certified trainer around the globe, chat with them about your goals and objectives, Do live video session to achieve your desired fitness goals.

  • Choose Your Trainer
  • Connect To The Trainer
  • Connect Certified Experts

2-Click On-Demand Sessions

Aptitud helps you save your time and have a LIVE On-Demand 1-On-1 Session with certified experts in just 2-Clicks, from Home, Hotel, Hostel or wherever you are. 


  • Get On Demand Session
  • Workout From Anywhere
  • Connect With Expert Live

Secured Refund Assurance

Aptitud provides you instant refund of your session money in case of your non-satisfactory session. So you will be always having a quality assured session.


  • 100% Assured Satisfaction
  • 100% Assured Quality
  • Achieve Your Desired Goals

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